Christian Education

The primary purpose of the Christian Education Ministry is to oversee and direct the Christian Education endeavors of the Church. The Christian Education Ministry involves the administration and coordination of various programs to facilitate the spiritual growth and discipleship of believers into Christ likeness. Membership on this Ministry shall consist of a Chairman, and the Assistant Pastor; the Sunday School Superintendent or designee; the President of the Women’s Missionary Union or designee; the President of the Men’s Fellowship or designee; the Chairman of the Deacon Board or designee; the Chairman of the Deaconess Board or designee; the Chairman of the Youth Mission or designee; a Youth Mission representative; the Director of the Drama Ministry or designee; and a Church member at large. The Christian Education Ministry will be responsible for recommending and implementing ways to accomplish the following: improve the use of worker’s time; avoid scheduling conflicts; provide a stronger, more effective and efficient teaching program; avoid overlaps and omissions in the content of programs; help workers feel they are part of a larger ministry; assist each ministry in fulfilling its special role in the Church; and conduct an annual evaluation of all Christian education programs in the Church

Church Mission: The Mission of Second Baptist Church is to proclaim the Gospel of Jesus Christ and the Christian faith, through worshiping, teaching, and preaching the Word of God.

Church Vision: The Vision of Second Baptist Church is to seek to continuously change the lives of people, to transform the community, and to renew the Spirit of God within the Church.

Church Purpose: The Purpose of Second Baptist Church is to build a Christian community where there is a greater understanding of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ, where souls are saved and lives are positively changed.

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