Layman's Fellowship

The Laymen/Men's Fellowship of Second Baptist Church involves reaching out to youth, adult and senior men to provide activities that sustain their interest in developing a lifelong relationship with the Lord. The Laymen also addresses the Junior Laymen program which promotes activities and needs of boys ages 8 – 17 years old. The Laymen are supported by Baptist teachings from the National Baptist Layman and published by the National Baptist Convention, USA Incorporated, and the Sunday School Publishing Board. The spiritual, physical and emotional needs are met through directed activities, which are geared towards participants who will continue to learn, enjoy, and practice positive skills that support Christianity. Laymen work to advance the Kingdom of God, while strengthening Second Baptist Church through the Men's Fellowship and Christian social action, commitment and the consecration of Christian beliefs. As men of the Church we redeem and develop a Christ preserved identity. The Laymen's Ministry is expanding to all areas of Church ministry at Second Baptist Church to include; Monday morning prayer service, sporting activities, and inclusion of women and girls in this Church-wide movement. The Pastor and governing bodies of the Church are supportive of this invigorated Men's Fellowship. The Laymen/Men's Fellowship meets monthly and also participates in meetings held by the Central District Association, workshops and programs of the State and National Baptist Laymen Auxiliaries. Elections are conducted annually in October, with officers installed in December. Officers serve a one year term, however may serve multiple terms, if re-elected by the membership. An annual budget is established in November each year, for the following year as the Laymen plan their calendar of activities and services.