Community Action Ministry 

The Community Action Ministry (CAM) is comprised of members of Second Baptist Church, working cooperatively with other Churches in the local community, serving as an active voice for equality, respect, and fairness to all people. The Vision of the Community Action Ministry is to provide outreach and advocacy within the Church that mirrors our belief in the dignity and worth of every person. Through outreach we strive to create an environment where every individual is valued, treated with respect and included in a supportive community.The Community Action Ministry's mission is to provide the Body of Christ a partnership with the faith community in putting faith into action through service and support. This ministry also helps to restore hope and assist people from all walks of life in realizing their God given potential as uniquely gifted individuals in their families, communities and relationships with God, through faith in Jesus Christ. We Strive The Community Action Committee strives to challenge the Body of Christ to step up and provide leadership in the Church and community, and to build unity in the Body of Christ by collaborating with people of all denominations to serve God together as one.

Jail and Prison

The Jail/Prison Ministry meets whenever it is necessary to prepare for their assignments. Second Baptist Church ministers and volunteers make up the Jail/Prison Ministry Team.  The Jail/Prison Ministry was established to provide identified support services to the Second Baptist Church members who have family members that are incarcerated and to provide those incarcerated persons with the spiritual and emotional support needed during those difficult times while apart from their loved ones. The Jail/Ministry Team will visit those incarcerated upon request to offer guidance and discuss their needs. The Jail/Prison Ministry believes there is no life beyond the reach of God’s power and grace; and all incarcerated individuals can be redeemed through knowledge and understanding of the love, hope and salvation of Jesus Christ.


The College Ministry is comprised of members of Second Baptist Church who are reaching out to students in the Jefferson City area enrolled at a college or university and seeking the guidance and support of the church throughout their collegiate experience. The Vision and Mission of the College Ministry is to provide outreach and support through Christian experiences and participation in activities that strengthen the students' spiritual growth during these formative years, which they may carry with them and positively impact their lives. The college ministries strive to unite students that are seeking a higher education with a church body that offers Christian role models and mentors by providing sustenance and spiritual uplifting through our Church membership. The goal is to provide congregational worship, prayer and bible studies that strengthen both students and members in their Christian growth together.