Sunday School

The Sunday School Superintendent shall preside over the Sunday School Department comprised of members appointed by him/her and the Pastor. This group shall assist the Superintendent in other ways mutually agreed upon. The Sunday School Department meets at 9:30 each Sunday morning. Officers may serve multiple terms if elected by the department.

Vacation Bible School

Children Reading the Holy Bible

The Vacation Bible School is an Auxiliary of the Sunday School Department.  The ministry is led by a Director and Assistant Director who are appointed by the Superintendent with the approval of the Pastor. Vacation Bible School is held the first week in June of each year. Classes for all ages are available and teachers and volunteers are members of the congregation. A meal is served daily by the culinary staff before classes. Class time begins at 6:00 p.m. and ends at 7:30 p.m. with the last half hour for the children with the Minister of Music rehearsing the songs for the program on Friday evening. The Superintendent shall approve the expenditures authorized by the Vacation Bible School.


Film Clapboard

The Sunday School Drama Ministry is an auxiliary of the Sunday School. It is the goal of the Sunday School Drama Ministry to present at least two productions each year. One is normally in the spring and the other in the fall of the year. The Ministry is led by a Director, who is appointed by the Superintendent with the approval of the Pastor. The Director is also encouraged to work with all church groups in carrying out his/her responsibilities. The Superintendent shall approve the expenditures authorized by the Sunday School Drama Ministry.



The Dance Ministry is an auxiliary of the Sunday School Department. The ministry enhances the spoken word through spiritual, gospel and musical expression and movement interpretation. The movement and steps convey a message which unfolds a spiritual experience and creates a feeling which stirs the soul. The youth dancers, led by a dance director and an assistant director, are ages 7 through 21 (with special consideration for younger participants). The adult dancers, led by a dance director, are ages 21 and older. Performances may include both youth and adult dancers.  Dance rehearsals occur regularly as performances are planned for special occasions, church events, and community activities. Youth dancers may also perform at youth congress and other youth designated events. Transportation to dance rehearsal is the responsibility of the dancer or the parent and/or guardian of the dancer. A spiritual commitment to discipline and teamwork are essential to ensuring that the dance ministry is successful.