Women's Missionary Union

The primary purpose of the Women’s Missionary Union as members of the Church, is to share and invigorate the spirit of the Lord. The goal of WMU is to encourage others within our Church and in our community to join us in prayer, Bible study, planned worship, visitation, charitable contribution and mentoring of women in the missionary work of Jesus Christ. We further increase our learning and understanding of God's plan for us; by engaging in assigned and directed community mission activities. One must also commit to regularly give financially to support our Church, foreign and local missions, the work of district, state and national Baptist Church conventions. Membership is open to women who accept Jesus Christ as their Lord and personal Savior. WMU meets the second Saturday of each month at one o'clock in the afternoon. All officers are elected by the members for a term of two years, and may be reelected by the membership. Elections of officers are held in November of each year. A contribution of $6.00 is collected annually from each member, to support the cost of WMU quarterly study guides provided to active members. The WMU provides morning worship services, devotion, and music on the fifth Sunday of those months having a fifth Sunday. Central District WMU conducts a fifth Sunday service with attendance at various churches within the local district association.

Junior Matrons

The primary purpose of the Junior Matrons is to study the word of God in a  missionary directed union. Membership is open to young Christian women between the ages 20-35. The Junior Matrons conduct their ministry under the auspices of the Women’s Missionary Union and seek to further engage in a missionary ministry through service to Second Baptist Church and service throughout the community. The Junior Matrons meet jointly with the Women’s Missionary Union on the second Saturday of each month. Officers are elected by the members for a one (1) year term and may be re-elected by the membership.

Youth Mission

The primary purpose of the Youth Mission Ministry is to prepare, support, encourage and empower youth to experience the joy of a relationship with God. The Youth Mission Ministry seeks to inspire young persons to learn more about Christianity and to become more involved in a spiritual lifestyle. Youth are divided into five classes: (1) Toddlers – 4 years; (2) Kids 5 years – 11 years; (3) Juniors 12 years – 14 years; (4) Senior Boys 15 – 18 years; and (5) Senior Girls 15 years – 18 years. Boys and girls meet together as Toddlers, Kids, and Juniors. Instructional material and discussions are designed for each age group. The Youth Mission Ministry works closely with other ministries to plan and coordinate activities for the youth. The Youth Ministry staff consists of the President, Vice President and volunteer counselors. The staff meets at 7 p.m. on the first Wednesday after the conclusion of classes to conduct future planning and evaluations. Youth are invited to participate in the meetings.